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What is a Food System?

A food system is the way food gets to your plate.  An often-complicated process, the food system includes production, distribution, marketing, preparation, consumption, and disposal.  Image: Chard.  Photography by Doug Gosling, Occidental Arts & Ecology CenterThe food system exists, whether we know what it is or not. Decisions are made each day that affect our food system-how and where our food is grown, how it is distributed, selected, prepared and served in our homes, schools and organizations.  What our children are taught about food in school - by lecture and example - and the policies that regulate local restaurants, grocery stores and farmers, all play a role in shaping our food system.  In addition, the cultural and individual attitudes we hold about the quality and essence of our food are also part of our food system.

Why is the Food System Important?

The choices we make every time we buy and eat food impact not only our long-term health, but also our community.  With the rise in diagnosis of "adult diseImage: Rachel. Photography by Doug Gosling, Occidental Arts & Ecology Centerases" in our youth such as heart disease, type II diabetes, and obesity, and the shrinkage of independent farming and biodiversity, the importance of informed decisions about our food system becomes critical. When one considers the food system combined with the consumer's general lack of knowledge about food and the effects of our daily choices, the impact of our decisions on our local food system emerge.  The focal point of Food Matters' work is to help create a more vital and sustainable food system.

Our goal is to increase community collaboration on food systems issues and activities through information sharing and networking.

Our organization is focused on raising awareness of the need for food education and nutrition programs and to improve community access to locally grown nutritious food. We are creating a farm-to-school network and are working towards developing a Sonoma County Food Policy Council and obtaining funding to conduct Community Food Assessments in the region. All of these activities will serve to increase awareness of, and strengthen, our local food system.

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