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Image: Woman in garden.
Image: Garden. Photography by Doug Gosling, Occidental Arts & Ecology Center

Food Matters in Sonoma County is working with local farms and school food service to create efficient and convenient means for schools to purchase directly from local farms. The Community Alliance with Family Farmers' is spearheading the creation of a network that will balance the needs of both food service and farmers to create a mutually beneficial ordering and delivery system.

Farm-To-School Committee

Our goal is to increase the consumption of healthy, locally produced food, while fostering more direct purchases between regional farms, local businesses and institutions. This program is currently focusing on Farm to School efforts but will broaden over time to include links with local colleges, restaurants, hospitals, corporate cafeterias, caterers and other food related institutions.

The Farm-to-School Committee is working to increase the amount of fresh local produce served by school cafeterias and promote awareness of the nutritional benefits of increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. An essential goal of this committee is to encourage the development of healthy eating habits at a young age. The committee meets monthly and includes representatives from school food service, Sonoma County Health Department, The Community Alliance with Family Farmers', Slow Food, individual farms, and other organizations interested in improving school food and promoting local farming.

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